Chiesa Solare (Sperimentazione per una chiesa con utilizzo di energia solare)

In 1987 New Churches Committee I propose an integrated design for the use of alternative energy both from the point of view of architecture and environmental, in order to use the technology of solar energy for a new church.
The goal is to determine architecture of interrelated components for solar collection, the ecclesiastical building, man and nature connecting the various components, such as to form a body "organic" where every element underpinning to a specific function.
The research was conducted in collaboration with prof. Ugo Facchini Institute of General and Applied Physics of Milan, who controlled the energy performance. The energy savings was based on four concatenated systems:
  • the realization of a casing, walls, roof and floor with high thermal insulation
  • solar facade of great aesthetic, constituted by a set of hot air manifolds
  • heat accumulator
  • adjustment systems
The design, which is considered too innovative for the times still awaits a concrete answer for its realization.
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